How to check SEE Results with Marksheets 2080/81? Complete guidance

How to check SEE results

Big News for Nepal students, who took the SEE exam in 2080/81, has been Published Today. We will explain below How to check SEE Results with Marksheets.

How to check SEE results

SEE Results of 2080/81 Statistics

186 students with 4.0 GPA
47.86% ‘Pass
52.14% ‘Fail’
221 students’ results canceled
2,42,092 students with NG
464,785 students participated

Grading Table

SNPercentageGradeDescriptionGrade point
1.90 to 100A+Outstanding4.0
2.80 to  below 90A Excellent3.6
3.70 to below  80B+Very Good3.2
4.60 to below 70B Good2.8
5.50 to below 60C+Satisfactory2.4
6.40 to below 50CAcceptable2.0
7.35 and aboveDBasic1.6
8.Below 35No GradedUnclassified

Here are some important things you need to make sure of before checking your 2080/81 Results:

If you are a student who took the 10th-grade exam in Nepal in 2080, your results can be viewed online conveniently. You can also see your mark sheet and the results.

To access your results, go to the website:, or

In addition, you can also get your results through SMS or IVR.

Please follow these methods- How to check SEE Results 2080/81 using SMS:

1. Use your Smartphone’s messaging app.
2. Type “SEE” followed by a space.
3. Type your symbol number after the space. For example, “SEE 0301482D”.
4. Send a message at 1600.
5. Wait for a while to receive your SEE result in your message inbox.

This is another way to see the result, You can also use Sparrow SMS to verify your result from see 2081, which is a valid method for publishing the results. Use Sparrow SMS to see your exam outcome

1. Write your SEE symbol number in the message.
2. Leave a space after the symbolic number. 
3. Send the SMS to 35001.
4. For example, send a message like “SEE 0301482D” to 35001.

By following these instructions, you can easily check your result 2080/81 through SMS and get your result conveniently on your mobile

How To check SEE Results 2080/81 using the IVR system, please follow these steps:

1. Dial the IVR number: 1600.
2. Pay attention to the instructions given during the phone call.
3. Give the required information, like your symbol number and date of birth, by following the instructions.
4. Pay close attention to the options provided and pick the fitting choices to get your desired outcome.
5. Wait patiently for the system to process your request.
6. The process is once done, the IVR system will provide you with your SEE result.

By following these steps, you can easily crack your SEE Result 2081 by using the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS).

Remember to enter your symbol number and date of birth to get your 2080-2081 results. The students who participated in the SEE exam that is conducted by the National Examination Board (Chaitra 15, 2080, to Chaitra 25, 2080) were approximately 4,64,785

Best luck to the student who passed the test. May your hard work and dedication pay off.

May you achieve everything you need moving forward.

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The SEE Result of 2080/2081 has been Published. Online portals for students where they can access their results:,, or They can also get their results via SMS by sending a see followed by a symbol number to 1600 or 35001. 1600, an interactive voice response IVR system can be used to give results by entering the symbol number and date of birth. Congratulations to all students for completing the SEE exam.

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