Threads vs Twitter : 10 Points that separates the two

Threads vs Twitter : 10 Points that separates the two

Meta Platforms have launched a social networking server called “Threads” on 5th July 2023. Because of its huge similarity with Twitter, the platform is supposed to be a threat to Twitter as well.

As per the reports, the Thread app has received more than 30 million signups within 24 hours of its launch. The number continues to grow as Meta has utilized the user base of Instagram to promote the newly launched platform.

10 Points that separate Threads from Twitter

1. Need of Instagram Account

In order to use Threads, individuals must have an active Instagram account. During the profile creation process, users will have the option to import their biography details and followers from their existing Instagram profile. This strategic decision benefits Threads by granting access to the extensive user base already established on Instagram.

2. Character Limit

Meta has officially announced that Threads will impose a limit of 500 characters for users. In contrast, unverified Twitter users are restricted to a maximum of 280 characters. Moreover, verified Instagram accounts will retain their coveted blue badge when using Threads. Conversely, Twitter offers this badge for a monthly fee of $8, granting subscribers an extended character limit of 25,000. Meta, however, has not yet presented a similar option for Threads users.

3. Trending Topics

While Twitter’s homepage provides users with trending topics and other relevant subjects of interest, Threads currently does not offer a similar feature. Presently, the sole method of exploring content on Threads is by scrolling through the home feed.

4. Saving Draft

At its launch on 5th July, Threads did not seem to offer the capability to save post drafts, in contrast to Twitter, where this feature is already available.

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5. Video Upload Restrictions

Users of Threads, including those without verification, will have the capability to upload videos with a duration of up to five minutes. In contrast, on Twitter, non-verified users are limited to videos that are two minutes and 20 seconds in length.

6. Access to likes on User Profiles

The new product does not provide a feature to see the likes on other profiles, similar to how Twitter presents it in a distinct tab.

7. Threading Experience

The threading experience between Threads and Twitter differs as shown in circulating online screenshots. In Threads, to initiate a thread, a user needs to press the enter key three times, while on Twitter, it can be accomplished by clicking on the plus button.

8. Social Networking Protocol

According to Connor Hayes, the vice president of product at Meta, Threads offers a unique advantage by being developed on the ActivityPub social-networking protocol, which is also utilized by decentralized social-media platforms like Mastodon. This means that individuals who establish a following on Threads will eventually have the capability to engage with a broader community beyond just Instagram.

9. Advertisement Provision

To generate maximum excitement among users, Threads has been introduced without any advertisements, as reported by Bloomberg.

10. Content Guidelines

Threads will implement identical content guidelines as Instagram, providing users with the same options to mute and block accounts that engage in harassment.


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