How to make Coconut Sweet in 20 minutes: complete Guidance

coconut recipe

Nowadays, there are many amazing sweets out there. Can you tell me what pops into your mind when I talk about sweets? I am talking about one of the simplest and easiest sweets to make at home and it is coconut sweet. Have you thought of the same or different sweet? Let me explain to you how simple items are needed to prepare this sweet. It doesn’t take lots of time and effort, and it doesn’t have a long list of ingredients. It is made with four easy stuffs that are available in any store and it is the easiest method for preparing and you are done. You might be thinking about how to make coconut sweet. Let’s roll up our sleeves and let’s make sweet together:

Here are four steps on How to make coconut sweet and its instructions:

300 grams of desiccated coconut or 4 cup
Sweetened condensed milk in a 14 oz can
2 teaspoons Rosewater
Crushed pistachios, 2 tablespoons, for garnishing

Ingredients Notes for How to make coconut sweet:

Dry Coconut:

Use dry desiccated or fresh coconut, if you use fresh coconut then you just have to increase the cooking time because fresh one has more moisture than dry.

Condensed Milk:

The sweetness it provides brings richness and creaminess to the dish


Garnished the burfi with finely chopped pistachios. The pale white color of the burfi creates a beautiful contrast with the green pistachios. Feel free to use any nuts of your choice such as almonds or cashews.


The coconut burfi benefits from the addition of a pleasant aroma and flavor.

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How to make coconut sweet

1. Ghee should be used to grease the 8×8 inch square pan, and it should be set aside for later use.
2. In a pan, combine (desiccated) dry coconut powder or fresh coconut, sweetened condensed milk, and rose water.
3. On medium heat, stir constantly and cook until the mixture thickens and comes together, which usually takes about 5-7 minutes.
4. Evenly spread the coconut mixture sweet onto the prepared pan. Sprinkle crushed pistachios over the mixture and lightly press them with a spatula, so they adhere to the burfi. let it cool down and set for a few hours.
5.Cut it into square pieces and serve.

Storage instructions

It remains fresh for 2-3 days in an airtight container when stored at room temperature.
In the fridge, it stays fresh for as long as 10 days. Over time, the burfi may become slightly chewy. To restore its fresh taste, I prefer to bring it to room temperature before serving or briefly heat it in the microwave for 4-5 seconds.

Nutritional Value

Per Serving: 1 piece
208 calories (10% daily value)
18.4g carbohydrates (6%)
3.3g protein (7%)
14.2g fat (22%)
12g saturated fat (60%)
6mg cholesterol (2%)
31mg sodium (1%)
191mg potassium (5%)
3.1g fiber (12%)
15.2g sugar (17%)
68mg calcium (7%)
1mg iron (6%)

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, coconut sweet exemplifies how basic ingredients can be turned into a tasty and delightful delicacy. Using only four easily accessible items and minimal effort, you can craft this aromatic and tasty dessert that is bound to satisfy you. This is one of the easiest recipes, you will not find anywhere. You can make this sweet on occasions and festivals. Hence, if you are planning to prepare quick and easy sweets, then coconut burfi is the best option.

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