Place Nepali characters on iPhone’s lock screen: complete guidance

Place Nepali characters on iPhone's lock screen

In the latest iOS 18 update, the Devanagari script, including the Nepali language, is now visible on the iPhone lock screen. The company has added Devanagari along with the capability to support multiple languages on the lock screen in the new version of iOS.

Apple mentioned this in an official announcement. In the most recent software upgrade, individuals can personalize the time display on the lock screen using Indian numerals from 12 different languages, including Arabic, Arabic Indic, Bangla, Devanagari, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Kannada, Malayalam, Meitei, Odia, Ol Chiki, Telugu. Additionally, users can adjust the font color and weight to achieve the desired appearance for their Contact Posters.

The keyboard has been updated to support multiple languages by the company. If you type on an iPhone, scripts in other languages will now appear as suggestions. If you type in Roman, it will also show up in the Devanagari script as suggestions. The user doesn’t have to use a different keyboard for this. If you have used a messaging app in multiple languages, the keyboard remembers the language you last spoke in. That’s the last language you used for that discussion. IOS 18 is coming to all users in September, so Apple is planning to make it available to all users. Currently, it is only in beta.

Do you know how to place Nepali characters on iPhone’s lock screen? Are you worried about it? you might be thinking about how to change the settings on the phone. Don’t worry, we will guide you step by step on how to place nepali characters on iPhone’s lock screen.

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Know the steps to change the language on your iPhone

You can modify the language setting on your iPhone or iPad. If you want to place Nepali characters on iPhone’s lock screen
Go and click on General
Click on language and region
Under Preferred language, Tap Add language
Select the language of your choice
Then you will see the Nepali language on your screen lock

Know the steps: how to place Nepali characters on iPhone’s lock screen?

Click on the App Store
Download Nepali calendar-smart patro
Open the Nepali calendar and allow notifications
After that, lock your Phone and press your screen for a while and it will pop up with Unlock to edit, and then put your passcode
Click on Customize, then select the lock screen
On the phone screen, Touch TIME, and it will pop up with font & Color
You will see the Globe sign and click on it, next to the font & color
Select Devanagari and Nepali time will appear on your screen

Place Nepali characters on iPhone's lock screen

Likewise, you can change your time and date. You can learn the steps on how to place Nepali characters on iPhone’s lock screen. Now let’s talk about a few things about the iPhone when it was launched, and its features

The first iPhone was launched on 29 June 2007 and it has been released every year since then, with new features and improvements. IPhone 15 was launched in September 2023, making it the latest model. IPhones are among the best smartphones in the world, with a sleek, powerful, and user-friendly interface. They are a representation of high social standing for many. Iphones are recognized for a lot of things. Iphones are easy to use and have a good interface. IOS is easy enough for beginners to learn how to use an iPod. Ipods are a stand out for their quality camera, fast processors, and long battery life.

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IPhones are known for their sleek and stylish design. They are made of top-notch materials and feel great when held. Iphones are a status symbol for many people. They are a symbol of wealth and achievement. If you want a phone with powerful features, user-friendliness, and great design, an iPhone is the way to go. IPhones are among the most expensive and expensive smartphones out there. The iPhone is a good phone but if you are thinking about buying it, you should consider its advantages and disadvantages.

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Final Thoughts

IOS update for iPhone users in multiple languages will bring exciting new features like Devanagari script support on the lock screen and keyboard predictions for multiple languages. The iPhone experience is now more inclusive with this update, catering to a wider audience. The iPhone is a powerful, sleek phone that you can easily use on a budget, but its high price tag is a disadvantage.

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