Zoom Meeting : Is it really safe and deserves to be used?


Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has changed our lives drastically as every one of us is in our home quarantine. But because of it, online meetings and video calls went from unusual to usual. Among all of the other apps of video calling and online meetings app, Zoom, the popular video-conferencing service is doing the best.

There is a saying that, “Success Comes With Challenges.” Similarly, as Zoom is touching great heights of success, it is also facing some challenges concerning their privacy and security. Because of it, a common question surfaced among the audience. Is it really safe and deserves to be used?
So, let’s take our time and know details about Zoom and find out whether it is safe to be used or not. Let’s start with it’s little introduction.

What Is Zoom?

Zoom is a video communications app which is cloud-based. Further, it allows you to set up virtual video and audio conferencing, webinars, live chats, and many more. Moreover, it is compatible with any kind of devices such as Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Apart from Zoom, there are many other communication tools such as Skype, Google Meet, etc.

The social video communicating app, Zoom is gaining a lot of users day by day and achieving success with their core mission to make video communications frictionless, vision to empower people to accomplish more, and values to care for customers.

Rise Of Zoom

As a matter of fact, Zoom is one of the leading video communication app as of 2020. Not only has it become popular among people but “To Zoom” has become a verb. Further, it has over 100+ Million views on Play-store with an average 4.3 star review. Moreover, it’s usage rose twenty-fold because of the global Coronavirus pandemic in between December 2019 to March 2020.

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According to Fast Company, it has 200 million daily users conducting meetings worldwide.

Is Zoom Safe?

As the usage of Zoom sky-rocketed during this global pandemic, at least a dozen design flaws, bugs, and other issues were issued. Along with the increase in users, their challenges increased and left them with the common question, Is Zoom Safe? As many users complaints of intruders during meeting and conference calls, Zoom has taken precaution concerning the matter. To be exact, Zoom called those intruders, “Zoombombers.”

In response to Zoombombers, the company has put additional security measures. One of its examples is that it automatically enables virtual waiting rooms and passwords for free accounts. Furthermore, Zoom has also requested their users to use unique meeting id and password. Similarly, to be safe and keep the meeting away from intruders, one should use the virtual waiting room. It lets you check out everyone before they gain access to the meeting room.

Apart from these features, there are other more security features which can be used to keep intruders and hackers away. Basically, Zoom is safe to use if it is configured and set up properly. For the last resort, Zoom meeting hosts can kick any of the meetings by simply clicking the remove button.

Some of the controversies of Zoom

As we know that Zoom is facing a lot of controversial gossip regarding its service. Recently, The Intercept reported that Zoom video calls are not end-to-end encrypted whatsoever. But, the company claims that they are and closed the topic without any valid proofs. Similarly, Motherboard also reported that Zoom is leaking email addresses of it’s users. However, all of the accusations remain baseless until now.

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