10 Amazing Google Search Tricks You Must Know

google search tricks

We all have queries and always rush to Google to find our answers, information, news, etc. but we still need to scroll many pages to get what we want. Many of us are unaware of the best ways to search in Google and find the exact information we want. There are many Google search tricks to get the answers to our queries quickly. And also It saves our time from scrolling through the pages. Let’s get through the Google search tricks list and make our search easy.

Let’s delve into 10 Google search tricks

1. Use Quotation Marks to find an exact phrase

first google search tricks

To find any specific things, we can put that phrase in a quotation mark, it will show exactly what we are looking for. But remember this restricts your search results as you are only shown the results within the quotation mark.

For example, to search for computer science projects for your final year project you can simply put that in quotation marks as “computer Science final year Project” and you can get specific search results related to the phrase as shown above.

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2. Use category tabs to find a specific result

second google search tricks

See the tabs at the top of the search results. Use those to find the specific things you want such as click on “images’ to find the pictures related to the search. There are many other tabs like ‘videos’, ‘Books’ for finding related books, ‘Maps’ to find the location, and more.

For example, let’s find images of chairs. To find chair images, click on the “images” tab, and more sub-tabs are available such as ‘wood’, ‘dining chair’, etc. We can see the specific results as shown above.

3. Using the Minus sign to exclude something we don’t want

third google search tricks

To exclude what we don’t want in our result, we can always use the minus sign to exclude that in our result. This will help in searching the keyword that could lead to two different opposite products.

For example, to search Apple product devices but not fruits, we can use “apple -fruit” to get only the Apple device but not the fruits in our results as I have shown.

4. To search on a specific website, use a colon

fourth google search tricks

To search for anything on a specific website, you should use “site:” followed by the site name to get the result on the specific website. This is helpful when we know from where we can get the results. It saves our time scrolling the pages to navigate to the right website.

For example, if we are to search for details about Apple, we can get everything in Wikipedia. For that, we can directly search “apple site:wikipedia.org” and get results from that website only.

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5. Find webpages published in a specific time interval

fifth google search tricks

To find things in a certain time interval, we can use “after: date and before: date”. It gets the results from a website published within the specified time interval in the search box. It becomes very useful when we look for results from a recently published website or in a certain interval of time.

For example, to find books on a website that has published its content related to books in the given interval of time we can search “books after: 2024-03-23 and before: 2024-05-02” to get the required results.

6. Use ‘filetype:’ to find a specific file

sixth google search tricks

To search results with the specific file type, we can use “filetype: extension” to find the files with the file type mentioned. This is useful when we know what we exactly want.

For example, if we are looking for the pdf file of the computer science project, we can simply search “computer science project filetype: pdf” and it will show every result with a pdf file.

7. Use the Time filter to find with time specific

seventh google search tricks

We can always use a time filter to get the results of any time like past hours, past 24 hours, past week, past month, etc. We can use it by opening Tools on the right side of the search box and selecting the time we want. This Google Search trick is very useful for finding the result within a specific time.

For example, to find the computer science project pdf released in the past 24 hours, choose the time filter past 24 hours.

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8. Use ‘define:’ for the definition of any word

Use ‘define:’ for the definition of any word

Using “define:” followed by the word or phrase gives you the definition of that word or phrase.

For example, searching “define: data science” defines data science with the necessary links from where we can know more about these as I have shown.

9. Searching with image

Searching with image

If you are thinking Google is all about searching with text, you need to know more. Google allows you to upload your image and find the related images or content based on that image. We can do this by selecting the camera icon in the search tab and dragging or uploading our image.

10. Using the Advanced search option

 Using Advance search option

Advanced search gives you the freedom to choose what you are searching with its wide range of options. We can get to the advanced search by navigating through the Tools tab and selecting the Advanced search. Feel free to explore these many options and get what you want.

Final thoughts

Google Search tricks are very useful for searching any content on Google. Knowing these tricks helps us save time and gives us a better experience. There are many interesting Google Search tricks that we can try and have fun with our friends which we will be talking about in our next blog. Till then keep learning and keep exploring.

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