Latest 5 amazing Nepali movie reviews you can watch: 2024

Latest 5 Amazing Nepali movie reviews

In 2024, Nepali movie makers made amazing Nepali movies that were a big hit and made the viewer happy. The 5 movies we’ve seen show how varied Nepali cinema is. Nepali movies have many different types of stories, such as interesting stories, romantic stories, and stories about people who can overcome challenges. Take a trip through the movies and discover hidden treasures that are waiting to be discovered. These analyses use the most popular Nepali movies and their titles. Watch these latest 5 amazing Nepali movie reviews and See how the films are made in 2024.

Latest 5 amazing Nepali movie reviews

Here are some of the latest 5 amazing Nepali movie reviews


One of the latest 5 amazing Nepali movie released in 2024, is Bato. It is a mind-numbing nightmare for everyday people with the setting in 2024, a thrilling Nepalese. The crash results in Komal – a paramedic who is just about to give birth to an invaluable organ, Manjil – a filmmaker rushing to the bedside of his mother, and Tony, a taxi driver. They are quick to discover a dangerous sect that has set its sights on consuming the hearts of young ladies; there could be no more horrifying aim than this. This film also boasts an engaging narrative that involves high suspense during chase sequences through forests, strong performances from all its leads, and cinematography. Although it lacks any semblance of structure in its plot or violent outbursts, this innovative study of dark secrets within cults has been hailed as a pioneering work. If you’re looking for an exhilarating Nepali thriller movie, then Bato is your number-one option but if you don’t know how to watch it, make sure you check it out without any doubt.

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Gaun Ayeko Bato

Among them, one of the latest 5 amazing Nepali movies is Gaun Ayeko Bato. Nabin Subba, the director, tells the story of Maila Dayahang rai, Maili Pashupati Rai, and their 7-year-old son Bindre Prasan Rai in a simple village life in the mountainous region of eastern Nepal. They see the construction of a road to their village as a blessing. Bus, sodas, TV, and hip-hop songs soon start contaminating their already tranquil surroundings. Maila’s life is unraveling as he tries to get modern amenities. He’s at a crossroads between staying true to his family’s customs at home and surviving outside of the village. Binder uses his wit and fortitude to draw closer to the presents the new route brings. Maila and Maili must find a way to survive in a world that is causing them to be left behind.

London to Paris

Released in 2024 London to Paris is the romantic setting of the London to Paris drama. Samragyee RL Shah knows how to live like a person on her journey, and Nischal Khadka is performing as an actor from London who wants to be an actor. These guys cross paths and walk together as they wander through the crowded streets of London and fall in love with Europe’s capital through the flashes of cameras. There are major themes that focus on this movie: listening to your heart’s desire, falling in love is not easy but true friendships last forever no matter how long it takes to find them. The reviews highlight the unique screen chemistry between the two lead characters Nischal and Samragyee that gives the audience something different. Touching love stories never end and dreams can always be pursued make this film great and that is why “London to Paris” got its recognition. This will appeal to romcom diehards looking for escapism in movies with a good plot

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Pujar Sarki

Among them, one of the latest 5 amazing Nepali movies is Pujar Sarki. The 2024 Nepali social drama Pujar Sarki is centered on caste discrimination being an immemorially deep-rooted issue. Pujar is a young lad who bucks the trend of society working towards equality beyond caste divisions. He stands a good distance away from prejudicial feelings within his community. The movie takes Pujar and two other people—probably fellow human beings going through the same problems—to work in unison to overthrow the caste system. Their collective struggle for social justice sends a powerful message despite the sacrifices they made along the way.

Farki Farki

Farki Farki movie is romantic comedy genre, The movie provides different perspective bringing into the concept of the time loop. Madhav is the leading character starring Anmol KC, who wakes up repeating this particular day every other time. The whole story revolves around this exclusive challenge with questions of love, new opportunities, and acceptance.

Few reviews are there regarding Farki Farki. Some reviewers applauded how the movie attempted to incorporate a time loop concept in its storyline which was rather innovative and ambitious for a Nepali movie as well as led actors’ performance that was spot on. It also brings about beautiful cinematography and catchy soundtracks. Nevertheless, others felt the movie didn’t meet their expectation. This can be attributed to its plot deficiencies and its long duration which may not fit into such a structure at all. However, it is clear that despite these criticisms, Farki Farki represents a breakthrough for Nepali cinema because of its novelty. If you are searching for an amusingly romantic comedy with elements of sci-fi; then possibly you should watch out for Farki Farki instead.

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Final thoughts:

In the blog, we have discussed we have discussed latest 5 amazing Nepali movie and its reviews. We can say only few are hidden gems; waiting to be figured out. From “Bato” to “Gaun Ayeko Bato”—there will have to be a Nepali movie that exactly fits one’s mood and taste. The script “Pujar Sarki” is inspiring; the story of brotherhood is “Farki Farki, Khare Bro”.

If you are looking for some latest and amazing Nepali movie released this year you can definitely try these movies. So, do something a bit new and different—take a movie trip to Nepali cinema. You may find your new favorite movie.

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