Everything you need to know about Sagoon


We are living in the world of digitalization and modernization where people have moved to the next level of technology in every sector. Similarly, social commerce platforms have dramatically changed where people not only sell and buy products and services online but also earn financial rewards by socializing. So, today we are talking about one of the revolutionary social commerce platforms, Sagoon.

If you are curious to know about Sagoon, then keep reading the article until the end. Let’s start with it’s introduction.

Introduction Of Sagoon

Sagoon is an early stage social commerce platform where people across the world get connected, share their things and also earn money from it. Further, it is founded by Govinda Giri in the basement of his home in Washington DC, USA. Well, Govinda was an IT professional at the Pentagon, Dept of Army before he founded Sagoon.

According to the founder of Sagoon, Giri, the word ‘Sagoon’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Shakuna’ which means “good luck.” Furthermore, Sagoon was started as a small social media commerce with one graphic designer in the year 2014. For now, Sagoon has over 18 people believing in it’s vision and working as a team saying, “We stay connected through our shared mission and values.”

Starting from the bottom, now they have their own mobile app with 500K downloads in play store with 4.3 star review. Moreover, Sagoon has its foundation in Woodbridge, the USA, Tinkune, Nepal, and Noida, India.

Shraddha Kapoor as a Special Guest in Launch Program of Sagoon

The innovative social media, Sagoon was launched in India in 2018. Well, it seems like one of the star of Bollywood, actress Shraddha Kappor. The speculation is that she might be interested in this app vision and future as she appeared as a special guest at the launch program of Sagoon. According to the sources, it is called a revolution and innovative south Asian social media app.

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Features of Sagoon

The social media app, Sagoon is now available in over 220 countries and asking their community to use the app and share their thoughts, feedback, and suggestions openly. As a revolutionary social media app, it has inclusive products features which includes, MyDay, Story Sharing, and Mood Talk. Here are some of the features of Sagoon with detail.

My Day: Using this feature will let you mirror through your daily works with your close ones. To be exact, it simplifies your professional and personal life and improves your productivity to some extent.

Story Sharing: Sagoon story sharing is an informative and confessing feature. Well, it allows you to use 220 characters and post up to three images on your story. Furthermore, you can also send one-on-one messages which will disappear after they are read. However, it’s most unique aspect is that it can be tracked. Basically, it means that you can see the number and names of locations your story reached.

Mood Talk: It is a simple chatting tool with some unique aspect of its own. It lets your mood do the talking. Before chatting with anyone, you can switch your mood to happy, sad, and other expressions to let others know what you feel at the moment.

With all of these features, what do you have in your mind about Sagoon ? Do let us know. Apart from its current features, it might come up with other new and unique features.


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