Better be Late than Regret


Whether we agree or not, all of us have been in situations when we have had no idea whatsoever on what should be our next step. We may or may not have a set of options to select from, but deciding on what to choose gets really difficult sometimes. Seeking advice and suggestions from the ones surrounding us might help a bit but eventually it’s you who has to take the ultimate decision.

It’s not your fault if you are in trouble. But it’s definitely your fault if you can’t get out of the trouble.

You are in a constant fear of missing or losing something which probably may lead you to commit a wrong decision. You have a tendency of making things complicated by overthinking and overreacting the scenario. You make speculations on what could be the consequences. You will look to please everyone around you. And this is where the chances of choosing the wrong path comes into account.

It might not be a great idea to generalize situations like this. I have never stepped on your shoes and neither have you on mine. The way of handling these scenarios will obviously differ based on personality, the environment, the actual dilemma and many more factors. However, the ideal approach I guess is the same irrespective of whoever you are and whatever situation you are in.

“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.”
– Steve Maraboli

Keep it as simple as possible

This is the basic thought process that comes to my mind when it comes to getting out of difficult circumstances. The more you make it complex, the more you’ll find yourself in trouble.

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Don’t ever overthink and overreact

Nothing in this world actually makes you happy or sad, It’s just the perception of that particular instance that either fosters a smile in your face or brings water in your eyes.

Listen to your inner self

I don’t know how to swim. I never tried swimming, not because I feared getting drowned. It’s just my unwillingness to get into the water.

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