Langtang Trek : Perfect Blend of Pleasant and Ambient Scenery


For nature lovers and trekking fans, Langtang trek is an ideal destination. It is a pleasant trip to get close to Mother Nature and enjoy the serene ambience getting away from the hustle and bustle of the ever-busy city at least for a few days.

This region has Tibet bordering the edges which has resulted in exchange of huge trade and business in between the two bordering places belonging to two neighboring nations. With increasing trade, the tendency of moving to Tibet for import and export purposes have drastically increased. This has affected the cultural practices of Langtang valley which has emerged as a mixed versions of Nepali and Tibetan traditions.

One can definitely sightsee extremely beautiful Himalayan peaks, glacier lakes and verdant forests during the Langtang trek. Also, they get opportunity to acquaint themselves with the rich local culture combination of Nepal and Tibet.

Location and Details

Located just 9 miles away from Kathmandu, Langtang valley is crowded with glaciers and snowcapped mountains. Due to close proximity from Kathmandu, a few hours’ drive will take you to Langtang.

The valley gets its name from famous peak Mt. Langtang Luring that stands tall with sky touching height of 7246 meters. Langtang Lirung, Langshisa, Ganja la and Tserko Ri are some other peaks in the valley that smile brightly with the early morning sunrays. Along with the peaks, the valley has its fair share of streams, rugged rocks and pine forests.

Trekking Route

Trek to Langtang valley starts from Syahrubeshi and heading to east following Langtang River, there is Kyangjin Gompa, after which comes the beautiful Sherpa villages surrounded by lavishing red Rhododendrons and oaks.

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Syahrubeshi is 7-8 hours away from Kathmandu and is at an altitude of 1550 meters. You can stay the night there and start the next day trek to Lama Hotel. You will reach their within 6 hours walk from Syahrubeshi. Visit around the community and stay back at hotel for a good rest.

Following day, trek to Mundu lay ahead. To reach to there, you need to pass through beautiful Langtang village. This trip will take you 6-7 hours including the in- between breaks for some rest and snacks. Better stay the night in Mundu instead of heading further since 6-7 hours trek is beneficial for normal trekkers so as to be able to complete the trek in good health.

From Mundu, it takes probably 4-5 hours to reach Kyangjin Gompa. This picturesque location has beautiful views of landscapes, and white Himalayas and all you will want to do is stop the moment before it passes by. Time stops still when beauty speaks, that’s exactly what happens when you are trekking through every beautiful destinations that come across Langtang trek.

On the way ……

Unlike huge number of trekkers that you can find in the treks to Everest and Annapurna Camp, Langtang trek has mild flow of trekkers. For those who love to wander through the off beaten path and enjoy your own company rather than with huge bunch of tourists, this is absolutely the trek you should opt for. And, of course there are magnificent mountain views and if you want, you can possibly climb one or two of them while on trek.

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For experienced trekkers, there is Yala Peak with 5500 meters height that can be climbed in two days. You can also climb Naya Kanga if you are a bit of a technical trekker as the climb requires expertise and experience in mountain climbing. If you want to indulge into extra adventure, you can camp in for the night. And if you don’t want to, there are numerous tea houses all the way to Langshisha, welcoming to serve you.

When Langtang trek is undertaken during spring, one can oversee the lovely Rhodhodendron filled forests accompanied with oaks, bamboo and other trees on the way to Langtang valley. Also, there is Langtang National park that has worked as a conservation area as well as home to monkeys, wild deer, falcons, colorful lizards and many more other animals.

If lucky enough, one can spot Red Panda playing in the bushes or peacefully climbing trees.

Another impressive attraction of Langtang trek is the warm hospitality of people living in and nearby the Langtang village. The people are so full of love, respect and warmth towards visitors and treat them as their own family. Most of the tea houses are economic, cosy and have easy access of hot water.

One can take hot shower in the cold lap of Himalayas and enjoy delicious hot mug of coffee afterwards with impeccable scenery all around.

Trekking Equipments and Preparation

Langtang trek is rated as a trekking destination of moderate nature. Trekking in this region is suitable during spring when the sky and paths both are clear. In winter, the trails are often blocked by snow and if a guide is not with you, it might be hours before you fall back to track. Carrying warm clothes is must so as to shield from the mountain air during night. Comfortable trekking shoes and light backpack is commended since the path to Langtang is rough and slippery at times.

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