I’ve learnt to be quiet

I've learnt to be quiet

In silence’s embrace, I’ve found my peace,
A tranquil refuge where my worries cease,
Within this hush, my heart begins to see,
The profound wisdom that comes to me

“I’ve learnt to be quiet”, I softly proclaim,
For in this stillness, my soul finds its aim,
No longer drowning in the noise’s sea,
But soaring high, unshackled and free.

Through hushed lips, profound words can flow,
In quietude’s arms, true understanding grows,
The world may rush, its chaos may roar,
But in my serenity, I find something more.

I’ve learnt to listen, truly hear,
To voices hidden, whispers near,
In silence, the universe unfolds its art,
Revealing secrets, a symphony to impart.

In quiet moments, I find my strength,
A reservoir of courage, a boundless length,
For silence speaks volumes, it nurtures the soul,
Empowering me to face life’s daunting toll.

It’s not mere absence, this tranquil state,
But a space where ideas collaboratively create,
Thoughts, like stars, come out to play,
Illuminating the darkness, guiding my way.

The beauty of quietude, a precious gift,
“A respite from the world’s ceaseless drift,
It grounds me, centers me, makes me whole,
In the sanctuary of silence, I find my role.

So, I’ve learnt to be quiet, to pause and reflect,
To cherish the stillness, its peace I protect,
For in this silence, my heart finds its song,
And I embrace the quiet, where I truly belong.

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