Songs of the Stars (Poem)

Songs of the Stars (Poem)

In the velvet canvas of the night’s embrace,
Where dreams take flight and souls find space,
Above, the heavens shimmer, a celestial art,
As cosmic dancers sing, the songs of the stars.

Each distant light, a radiant melody,
A symphony of worlds, an endless spree,
Their twinkling notes like diamonds aglow,
Painting tales of wonder, stories untold.

Oh, how they serenade, with grace they play,
In twinkling harmony, they light our way,
Their chorus whispers through the void,
A lullaby of cosmos, pure and unalloyed.

The ancient stars, with secrets to bestow,
Guardians of mysteries we yearn to know,
They whisper, they weep, they laugh, they gleam,
As stardust dreams, through skies they stream.

Beneath their gaze, we ponder and dream,
Of boundless realms, of what might seem,
Through aeons past, their light arrives,
A gift from the past, a timeless prize.

So, raise your eyes, behold the art,
The majesty of stars that stole your heart,
In awe, we join the celestial ball,
As they sing their songs, enchanting all.

The symphony of stars, a grand ballet,
Infinite performers in the Milky Way,
Let us dance with them, forever entwined,
As the songs of the stars echo in our mind.

In every glimmer, in the vast expanse,
We find a reflection of our own life’s dance,
And when the night bids us adieu,
Their songs remain, forever true.

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