Stakeholders in Discussion for the role of 5G in Nepal’s Digital Future


A symposium on ‘5G Nepal: Accelerating Digital Transformation‘ took place in Kathmandu on 13th Mangsir, organized by the Federation of Computer Association Nepal and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Trade and Competitiveness. This event aimed to delve into the pivotal role of 5G technology in propelling Nepal into the realm of digital and economic metamorphosis.

The gathering saw an extensive discourse on leveraging 5G to expedite the development of the digital economy. Topics covered included the distinctive features of 5G technology, global trends, economic evaluations, and insightful case studies from nations that have embraced 5G. Stakeholders engaged in meaningful discussions, exploring strategies and plans for the adoption of 5G services in Nepal.

Dr. Pradeep Poudel, Deputy Director of Nepal Telecommunication Authority, presented the government’s approach and current progress in 5G development. Further enriching the dialogue, Rajan Kandel from the Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, provided a comprehensive analysis of the impact of 5G on business and economies worldwide.

A dynamic panel discussion, titled ‘Unleashing the Economic Potential of 5G Technology,’ took center stage in the latter part of the program. Moderated by ICT expert Dr. Vivek Kumar Rana, the discussion featured experts and representatives from government, telecommunications, and the private sector. Deliberations encompassed the economic sectors poised to benefit from 5G, its role in fostering entrepreneurship and startups, and the significance of public-private partnerships in 5G. Key figures like Dr. Pradip Poudel, Rina Dangol from Nepal Telecom, and Amit Agarwal, co-founder of Khalti Wallet, actively participated.

Chiranjibi Adhikari, General Secretary of CAN Federation, highlighted the program’s primary objective – to explore the potential of 5G and its transformative impact on Nepal’s digital landscape. The emphasis was on encouraging private sector and 5G technology providers to invest in Nepal. Additionally, participants underscored the importance of utilizing the Rural Telecommunication Development Fund for infrastructure investment in rural areas.

The symposium drew a diverse audience, including representatives from telecommunication companies, industry experts, internet service providers, e-commerce firms, government agencies, international organizations, and foreign delegations. Together, they contributed to a collective vision of harnessing 5G for the profound enhancement of Nepal’s economic landscape.

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