Nepal’s Remarkable Presence at the 37th FAO Asia Pacific Regional Conference


In a resounding display of commitment to agricultural advancement, the Government of Nepal, led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, made a remarkable impact at the recently concluded 37th FAO Asia Pacific Regional Conference. Honorable Dr. Beduram Bhusal, Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development, spearheaded the delegation, showcasing Nepal’s dedication to leveraging digital innovation and technology in transforming its agricultural landscape.

The spotlight was on Nepal’s pioneering Digital Village Initiative, a testament to the nation’s proactive stance in embracing modern technological advancements. Minister Bhusal’s insights into this initiative captivated stakeholders, underlining Nepal’s resolve to revolutionize agriculture through digital means.

Aligning with the “One Country One Priority Product” initiative, Nepal emphasized its commitment to the promotion of large cardamom. The ongoing success of large cardamom exports has become a cornerstone of the national economy. Discussions during the conference delved into production, processing systems, and strategic approaches to access both domestic and international markets for this pivotal product.

At the ministerial-level meeting, which focused on the agricultural agenda for Small Island Developing States (SIDS), Least Developed Countries (LDCs), and landlocked Development Countries (LLDC), Nepal took the stage to present perspectives on technology adoption, commercialization, and market access. The emphasis was on fostering collective action to address challenges faced by these regions and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In a comprehensive country statement, Nepal outlined its agricultural sector priorities and areas of cooperation, expressing gratitude for FAO Nepal’s support. The government underscored the significance of prioritizing hill farming systems, considering the nation’s unique geographical features. Collaborative initiatives such as the Hand in Hand Initiative, Digital Village Initiative, One Country One Priority Product (OCOP), and Green City Initiatives were unveiled, signaling Nepal’s commitment to advancing its agricultural sector in the next decade.

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Throughout the conference, Nepal actively participated in the Hand in Hand Initiatives, jointly promoted by FAO. Discussions centered around Nepal’s ongoing efforts in agriculture and food systems, emphasizing the critical need to increase investment in this sector from various funding partners.

Reiterating its commitment to strengthening cooperation with FAO, bilateral meetings between Honorable Minister Dr. Beduram Bhusal and Mohamed Manssouri, Director of FAO Investment Center, prioritized collaborative strategies to enhance investment in Nepal’s agricultural sector.

As part of the conference activities, the Nepalese delegation engaged in a field visit program organized for participants from the host country, Sri Lanka. This initiative provided invaluable insights, fostering the exchange of knowledge and ideas among nations.

Nepal’s presence at the 37th FAO Asia Pacific Regional Conference undoubtedly signifies a new chapter in the nation’s agricultural journey, marked by innovation, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to sustainable development.

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