Cybersecurity Event by ICT Frame in Kathmandu


Today, a beacon of cybersecurity enlightenment shone brightly at Texas International College, Mitrapark Kathmandu, courtesy of ICT Frame Magazine. In a concerted effort to fortify digital defenses and arm the Nepali community against cyber threats, the magazine orchestrated a pivotal Cybersecurity Awareness event.

At the helm of this groundbreaking initiative was Mina Aryal, a trailblazing force in youth motivation and leadership, known for her pioneering role in the First Women Led Tech Magazine and Portal. Aryal’s vision, combined with the support of industry giants like Nepal Telecom, the Tech Bloggers Association of Nepal, and the technical expertise of One Cover Private Limited, transformed this event into a cornerstone of Nepal’s tech landscape.

The event unfolded with an illuminating presentation by Ms. Deepa Shrestha, an esteemed Information Security Consultant from One Cover Private Limited. With clarity and conviction, Shrestha delineated the vast realm of cybersecurity, advocating for robust strategies to safeguard sensitive data and fortify digital fortresses against potential breaches.

Following Shrestha’s compelling discourse, Mr. Pranav Nepal, an erudite Application Security Expert, took the stage to unravel the intricacies of cyber defense mechanisms. From Intrusion Detection Systems to Encryption techniques, Nepal’s insights illuminated pathways to bolster digital resilience and thwart malicious incursions.

Shayana Manandhar, a beacon of knowledge on cybercrime, further elevated the discourse by shedding light on the evolving threat landscape in Nepal. With poignant examples and actionable insights, Manandhar emphasized the critical role of education and awareness in deterring cybercriminals and safeguarding digital assets.

Amidst engaging discussions and informative sessions, the event underscored a collective commitment to nurturing a safer digital ecosystem in Nepal. Through the collaborative efforts of industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, and cybersecurity experts, initiatives like these lay the foundation for a future where digital sovereignty reigns supreme.

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As the curtains drew on this transformative event, echoes of empowerment resonated through the halls of Texas International College, leaving an indelible mark on Nepal’s journey towards a resilient and secure digital future.

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