Apple Introduces useful ‘Passwords’ Manager App at WWDC 2024


Amid the excitement surrounding Apple’s latest AI advancements, the company has quietly launched a new password manager app at WWDC 2024. Simply named ‘Passwords,’ this new app is designed to help users securely manage their login credentials.

Staying true to its tradition of straightforward app names, Apple’s Passwords aims to simplify and enhance the way users handle passwords. With features like generating complex passwords, storing them securely, and enabling quick logins across websites and devices, Passwords is poised to compete directly with established apps like 1Password, LastPass, and Bitwarden.

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Apple Passwords offers several key functionalities

  • Organization and Management: Users can list and categorize their logins by service types such as banking, streaming, and social media.
  • Enhanced Security: It supports Face ID and Touch ID for replacing manual password inputs and autofilling credentials.
  • Import Capability: Users can easily import their existing passwords from third-party services.

Given Apple’s reputation for integrating its software deeply across its ecosystem, Passwords will likely offer a seamless experience for users on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS platforms. The app leverages iCloud Keychain, a service that many Apple users already rely on for saving and syncing passwords across devices, which should make transitioning to Passwords smooth and intuitive.

One of the standout aspects of Passwords is its security promise. Unlike some of its competitors, Apple has a relatively clean track record regarding security breaches, which could make Passwords a more attractive option for users concerned about their online safety.

Available for free, Passwords can be downloaded on devices running iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15. Impressively, it will also support Vision Pro and Windows computers, broadening its accessibility.

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While it’s still early days, Passwords has the potential to challenge the top password managers in the market. Given Apple’s extensive user base and the app’s integration with existing Apple services, it could quickly become a preferred choice for many looking for a secure and user-friendly password management solution.

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