Dinesh Pandit Elected President of CSRI Chitwan Chapter


In a landmark event held today at Orchid Science College premises in Bharatpur, Chitwan, Mr. Dinesh Pandit has been elected as the President of the Chitwan Chapter of the Center for Cyber Security Research and Innovation (CSRI). The inauguration ceremony witnessed the formation of a dynamic leadership team to drive the chapter’s initiatives in the region.

The newly elected executive committee includes:

President: Dinesh Pandit
Vice President: Nabin Shrestha
Secretary: Manju Ghale
Treasurer: Bikal Baral
Members: Yesis Khanal, Mini Madhav Khanal, Sudip Thapaliya

The committee has also appointed academic expert Mr. Khem Acharya to contribute to the chapter’s research and innovation endeavors as well as Social Activist and Senior Journalist Mr. Krishna Khanal has also appointed as a Advisor.

The establishment of the Chitwan Chapter was initiated and spearheaded by Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari, the Founder President of CSRI. Speaking at the event, Mr. Adhikari expressed his enthusiasm for the milestone development and highlighted the significance of fostering an ICT research environment in Chitwan.

Mr. Dinesh Pandit, the newly elected President, outlined the chapter’s vision for the future. He announced plans to transform Chitwan into a research hub, fostering sustainable ICT businesses in Bharatpur. Emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts, Pandit envisions the Chitwan Chapter as a catalyst for innovative initiatives in the field of cyber security and technology.

“I am honored to lead this esteemed chapter and am committed to making Chitwan a hub for cutting-edge research in ICT. Our goal is to contribute significantly to the growth of the technology sector in this region,” stated President Pandit during his inaugural address.

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The CSRI Chitwan Chapter aims to create a conducive environment for fostering research, innovation, and knowledge exchange in the realm of cyber security and information technology. With the support of its dedicated leadership and members, the chapter endeavors to elevate Chitwan’s status as a prominent player in the rapidly evolving landscape of ICT research and development.

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