Tech Talk at Pokhara : Internship Opportunities for ICT Students


An exceptionally successful event recently organized at Mount Annapurna Campus, bringing to the table of discussion about internship opportunities to enrich the career paths of ICT students. This engaging occasion was organized by UNICTS Nepal in  collaboration with Mac IT Hub. The event was made possible through the support of Internship in Nepal – IIN, and it received substantial backing from the Tech Bloggers Forum Nepal.

A highlight of the event was the insightful presentation delivered by Mr. Sujit Luintel, a distinguished speaker who provided a unique perspective on internships. Drawing from his extensive experience in multidimensional companies, Luintel offered valuable insights into the challenges and expectations associated with internships. Complementing this, Ritesh Ghimire, another key speaker, talked about the essential technical skills that aspiring interns should cultivate in order to make their strong presence in the competitive professional landscape.

Alok Malla, addressing a critical aspect of the employment paradigm, focused on labor rights, emphasizing their importance in the evolving dynamics of internships. The event concluded on a high note with closing remarks from Pujan Timalsina, the President of Mac IT Hub, who encapsulated the significance of the collective effort in organizing such an impactful gathering.

The collaborative synergy of UNICTS Nepal, Mac IT Hub, and Internship in Nepal – IIN, strengthened by the support of the Tech Bloggers Forum Nepal, played important role in the success of this event. The speakers’ expertise, combined with the diverse array of topics covered, played a pivotal role in not only disseminating valuable knowledge but also empowering ICT students with a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities awaiting them in the ever-evolving professional landscape. The event stands as a testament to the collective commitment to fostering growth and proficiency within the ICT community, setting the stage for future success and innovation.

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