CAN Federation Dolakha Chapter Unleashes Robotics Revolution


In a groundbreaking move, the CAN Federation Dolakha Chapter has revolutionized education by spearheading robotics training for school-level students across various institutions. Gaurishankar Multiple Campus, Kalinchowk Higher Secondary School, Kuti Danda Secondary School Dolakha, and Alpine Public School Charikot-Dolakha are among the fortunate beneficiaries of this pioneering endeavor.

Under the dynamic leadership of the CAN Federation Dolakha Chapter President, students were immersed in hands-on robotics training on the auspicious occasion of Dolakha Mahotsav. This initiative, conceptualized with a visionary framework by CAN Federation General Secretary Chiranjibi Adhikari, Robotics Academy of Nepal President Bikrant Karki, and e-governance co-chair of CAN Federation Committee Bhusan Ghimire, marks a significant stride towards advancing technological education in the region.

The collaborative efforts of these key figures received overwhelming support from past Presidents and all members of the CAN Dolakha, as well as FNCCI Dolakha, highlighting the collective commitment to the cause of empowering students with cutting-edge technological skills.

The initiative not only enriches the educational experience for students but also promises to contribute significantly to the overall technological advancement of Nepal. This strategic move is poised to set a milestone for the tech landscape in the country, paving the way for a brighter future in the technology sector.

The CAN Federation Dolakha Chapter’s commitment to nurturing young minds in the field of robotics is expected to create a lasting impact, fostering innovation and excellence in the region’s education system. As the program unfolds, it is anticipated that the students who participated in this groundbreaking initiative will emerge as future leaders in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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