Empowering Sindhuli through Cybersecurity Awareness at The Renaissance Library


The Renaissance Library, a beacon of knowledge and community engagement in Bhiman, Sindhuli, joined forces with Kamalamai Municipality-09 to orchestrate a cybersecurity awareness program titled “Digital Resilience: Building Safe and Smart Online Presence.” Held at the Sahid Rishiraj Devkota ‘Ajad’ Smriti Bhawan in Bhiman, the event aimed to educate, empower, and raise awareness among the local community.

Established with the mission to enhance reading habits and intellectual capabilities of the community, The Renaissance Library is a testament to the spirit of communal growth. The library, founded by the community, for the community, has been actively organizing programs to enlighten and uplift its residents.

The cybersecurity awareness program, spearheaded by library member and youth entrepreneur Shanti Prasad Chaulagai, was initiated under the guidance of the library’s President, Shivaji Chaulagain. Gobinda Gautam, a dynamic youth entrepreneur and social worker, hosted the program, alongside the efforts of Anish Thapa and social worker Bibek Shrestha.

The esteemed chief guest for the event was Manju Devkota, Upamayor of Kamalamai Municipality, Sindhuli. Joining her were distinguished guests, including a sub-inspector from the Bhiman area police, the Ward head of Kamalamai Municipality-09, and youth motivator Binod Pradhan.

The target audience comprised students from classes 10, 11, and 12 from various schools in the Bhiman area, including Kamala Academic School, Scholar’s Academy, Jana Jagrit Higher Secondary School, and Pragatishil Secondary School in Dandatol, Sindhuli. Teachers, leaders, social workers, entrepreneurs, and other community members were also in attendance.

The event witnessed an enthusiastic turnout of over 150 students. The keynote address was delivered by Chiranjibi Adhikari, a distinguished cybersecurity expert and the General Secretary of the CAN Federation. Mr. Adhikari shed light on cybercrime cases in Nepal and provided insights on minimizing such incidents in the country.

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Under the overarching theme of “Let’s Build Secure Sindhuli,” the program aimed to reduce the risk of security breaches by educating participants on recognizing and avoiding cyber threats. It also emphasized compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for data protection and privacy.

The chief guest, Manju Devkota, conveyed her appreciation for the program’s potential to benefit young individuals in minimizing cybercrime. She commended the President, Vice President, and all team members of The Renaissance Library for organizing this milestone program, marking a first for Sindhuli district. The library’s commitment to empowering and raising awareness in the community was highlighted, with plans to extend similar activities throughout the district.

This cybersecurity awareness program marks a significant step towards building a digitally resilient and secure Sindhuli, demonstrating the library’s dedication to the holistic development of its community.

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