Birgunj Born Business Takes Global Stage, Employing 200 Professionals


Dynamic Technosoft, a company with humble beginnings in Birgunj, has swiftly risen to international acclaim, employing 200 individuals along the way.

Founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs Deepak Sah and Sachin Sah, alongside their friend Arjan Shah, Dynamic Technosoft Pvt Ltd initially operated from a rented room in a friend’s house. Determined to create something of their own, they took loans from C-class banks despite high interest rates.

Deepak’s inspiration stemmed from his father, who worked as a computer operator in Birgunj’s sugar industry. Witnessing his father’s work sparked Deepak’s fascination with computers from a young age. Driven by a desire to combine his passion for software with entrepreneurship, Deepak pursued studies in software development.

Their journey wasn’t easy. Starting at the tender age of 20, they poured their hearts into their venture, unwavering in their commitment to contribute to Nepal’s software sector.

From its roots in Birgunj, the company has expanded nationally and internationally, with branches in six locations across Nepal, India, Japan, and other countries. Despite initial challenges, they’ve developed a robust capacity to compete globally, offering a range of software brands to meet market demands.

Dynamic Technosoft boasts an annual turnover of 150 million rupees and a workforce of over 200 employees. Their CEO attributes their success to relentless hard work, stating, “We’ve toiled day and night to position our company as a contender in the global market. Despite the initial hardships, our dedication has paid off.”

Their commitment to quality service has earned them trust and loyalty from clients across various sectors, including commercial houses, industries, hospitals, and educational institutions. They now serve over 2,000 regular customers, a testament to their reputation for excellence.

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While acknowledging recent improvements in the market, they lament the government’s lack of support for indigenous software industries. They advocate for prioritizing domestic production to retain foreign currency within Nepal and encourage the government to trust and promote Nepali businesses.

Dynamic Technosoft’s software is already being utilized by prominent industries such as Dugad Group, Sipradi, Salimar Group, Hulas Steel, and Godavari Group, showcasing the company’s growing influence in both local and international markets.

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